I've never been one to follow any trends and have always worn what ever I liked and felt good in. But when my darling Mother passed away in June of 2011, I became so devastated that I didn't care about much of anything for a long time...apart from taking care of my Father.

Some months later, I decided that I needed a new pair of pants before my Father and I fulfilled one of Mom's wishes (that Dad and I should visit his place of birth and family, in Puerto Rico). I suddenly realized that all I had ever purchased (for casual wear) was jeans. I decided to buy a pair of white jeans. After that, a pair of khaki/tan colored denims (see photo below: Poolside in Puerto Rico) found their way into my closet. Then came a linen dress or two, followed by some cute accessories. I soon realized that it didn't take any more effort to dress in something other than 'jeans and tee's; and in some peculiar to me way, these things actually made me feel better...about a lot of things!

I now understand how difficult life's curves can come to a person. It's a silly thing really...but if getting a new belt, or finding clothes in my own closet that I'd not worn in years helps me to recover (if even only a tiny bit) from my Mother's passing ...then so be it.


This blog will be an evolving report and photo journal of what I've found in my existing closet (and paired with New Purchases) for some exciting, 'put a smile on my face' outfits. Some things will be for sale; so if you see something you like...anything...JUST ASK ME!