Must Haves

Essential to every person's wardrobe should be a peel away lint roller. Before dressing, always give your clothing the once over. Look for stray hairs and threads. A few sweeps with these nifty, sticky rollers will pick up the little things that can make your clothing look raggedy.
FASHION HINT: Keep one in the car!

Singer® Fuzzy Wuz Lint RemoverA fabric "pill" shaver. Again, before dressing check to see if that knit you're planning on wearing has any 'pills' (those fuzzy little balls that can cause one to knit pick). Lay your garment on a flat surface and shave those pills away!
FASHION HINT: Turn your clothing inside-out before laundering to reduce friction which may lead to pill-ing.
>>>  Singer® Fuzzy Wuz Lint Remover

De'Longhi 1750-Watt Easy Turbo Steam Iron

An iron. Make sure you know how to use it safely. A nice once over with an iron can be a real game changer in how your clothing looks! <<< De'Longhi 1750-Watt Easy Turbo Steam Iron

And a sewing kit (keep one of these in the car, too!). Buttons will pop off and seams may give way over time. Keeping your clothing in good repair doesn't take much time at all...and keeping those renegade threads trimmed gives a garment polished appeal.

Fashion Tapes...Love them! These are an excellent item to keep in your desk, at work, or in your bag. You never know when you may need an ASAP repair. You are only limited by your imagination. Below: Show Stoppers Double-Stick Designer Tape - 4-pack
Show Stoppers Double-Stick Designer Tape - 4-pack